Francesca Rizzo as Brenda

Hilarious and fearless, (Never Underestimate) Dames Like Her goes straight for the funny in its mission to politely demolish long-held stereotypes of women "of a certain age". Like the groundbreaking Vagina Monologues but less vagina, more laughs. 

Audiences are welcomed by Sofia, an Argentinian bikini-waxer who is the take-no-prisoners proprietress of Salon de Sofia, a tiny salon spa.  I then moves from wig to wig transforming herself into a series of beauty technicians and their diverse clientele, mature women with surprising pasts, sturdy opinions and enduring passions. 

Outrageously honest as it is funny, the play is geared to the baby-boomer generation and touches on some taboo hotspots, sexual and otherwise, blowing the lid off what is really said in the company of dames. 

"The writing is just brilliant and her performance is impeccable." Libby Reid, Our Town (Men, bring your defibrillators and women, bring Depends.)

Author's Notes:

You know, it's fun to make up wacky characters but in writing this play I decided that art should definitely imitate life because I've seen, time and again, that real human beings are usually more hilarious and shocking than anything I can invent.

That's why all the monologues in the show are inspired by real women I've either met, seen or heard about. Of course I do take artistic license here and there, but for the most part - this is based in truth. So, as you watch the show you may even recognize a woman or two (maybe one of them is even YOU) but don't worry, all identities are protected.

With Dames Like Her, my first directive is to entertain but I'm also hoping mirror back the complexity of the female personality with spirit and, hopefully, wit!

The Future of Dames

My heart's desire is to publish the play so that as I perform it in some Off Broadway venue here in Manhattan, mature actresses across the country can have access to some wild material they can sink their teeth into. The show is designed to accomodate an ensemble cast as well and I've written a library of monologues that allow for a certain amount of rotation. I just don't see it as a finite thing, there are SO many fascinating women out there I am compelled to keep writing even more alternate monologues to choose from.

Friends of the Project

It takes a village to launch a new play so I am eternally grateful to any of you who believe in the play and can help me make it happen. I'm mainly in need of producers and press, so if you have some connections in either area or are interested providing it yourself, please feel free to swiftly shoot me an email at

If your big talent is in attracting big audiences, well, hell - I'll take that, too. As a matter of fact, I will accept ANY offers of assistance in getting this show on the boards and into the public eye.

Thanking you, IN ADVANCE!