Article written by Libby Reid
August Issue: Our Town

You might have seen Francesca Rizzo playing her own mother in a one-women show, The Cherry Sisters, right here at UCPAC. Well, she's at it again and this time she's playing ten different women in her newest solo play, "Never Underestimate Dames Like Her." I saw it last week at a sold-out theater in the Village and it was absolutely hilarious while still managing to be human.

The play takes place in a small salon run by Sofia, an outrageous Argentinean bikini waxer, accompanied by a series of technicians and clients that include a Jersey housewife, an ex-druggie, a computer whiz and a jokester nun. All played by Francesca, who seems to magically transform into each character donning wig after wig.

Each woman is so fully drawn, each vignette is so complete. The writing is just brilliant and her performance is impeccable, this talent is headed for the big-time. "I wanted to write something that was just pure fun, something that celebrated how fascinating women of a certain age can be," says Francesca. I guarantee you won't underestimate any dames after seeing Dames Like Her.

You can now see 
Never Underestimate Dames Like Her 
Friday and Saturday Nights
August 26 + 27 or September 2 + 3 
7:30 PM  Tickets: #20
Stage Left Studios
just two blocks from Penn Station